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Business & Trading Conditions

Version 1.00. Applies from 10 Januar 2010.

Terms used:
    Seller : Plan24x7 ApS
    Customer : Your company

§1. Trading limitations

§1.1 Our own webshop (not to be confused with the online booking system - which can be rented by anyone) is limited to customers who are part of a registered company, association or public institution. Contact us per email for alternative options.

§2. Prices

§2.1 All prices in our webshop (not to be confused with the online booking system you may rent) are including danish tax unless explicitly mentioned. The prices do not include credit card fees or any delivery costs. The price of these will be provided before the conclusion of the order, so that it is still possible to abort a purchase.

§2.2 Prices for the subscription services (the online booking system) can be changed with 3 months notice. Customers with existing subscriptions can within that period elect to terminate their subscription at no extra cost.

§3. Payment

§3.1 Product purchases are paid in advance. Payment can be made using one or more payment methods offered by the seller (e.g. by bank transfer or credit card)

§3.2 Payment terms are 14 days net, unless otherwise agreed.

§3.3 If the customer fails to pay within the payment term then interest  will without notice be added from the due date (1.5% per month). Fourteen days after the due date a first payment reminder will be issued. The reminder may include a late fee of 100 DKK. Second reminder is issued 14 days after the first reminder.

§3.4 If the customer fails to pay for subscription services then the seller reserves the right to disable access to the customer's software installation.

§3.5 The seller does at no time store credit card information when using our webshop. This is handled by an appropiately security approved third part.

§4. Rental of software on our servers, for example. of the planning system (subscription service)

§4.1 Signing up for our subscription services.

§4.1.1 The customer signs up for a subscription to use our sofware by using the sign up form at signup.plan24x7.com or www.plan24x7.com. The subscription will only take effect after a free trial period of 14 days, and after the customer has indicated that they wish to continue using the product. The customer is obligated to indicate whether they will enter subscription within 14 days from the end of the trial period. If the customer does not report back within the 14 days then access to the software will be disabled without further notice.

§4.2 Customer obligations

§4.2.1 The customer is obligated to notify the seller of any changes regarding the customer's address and email.

§4.2.2 The customer must ensure that their use of the product, especially when renting a shop, complies with legal requirements.

§4.2.3 When using the online payment module the customer is obligated to comply with the requirements of the payment vendor. The seller cannot be made liable in relation to any issues related to online payment.

§4.3 Ownership of the rented software

§4.3.1 Plan24x7 have the full ownership and copyright on the software, graphics and documentation. This also applies to modifications that are made at the request of the individual customer.

§4.3.2 When the customer enters a subscription for renting software then the customer is provided usage rights for the modules signed up for.

§4.4 Transfer to a new subscription package may occur automatically

§4.4.1 The customer should be aware that the price for the subscription is dependent on various parameters that may be affected by the customer. If the customer creates more ressources than allocated within the customer's current subscription package, then the customer will automatically be transferred to a larger subscription package. Should the customer choose to use additional modules then this will also affect the subscription price.

§4.5 Responsibility & Limitation of Liability

§4.5.1 The customer undertakes to hold the seller free from any claims resulting from customer's use of the product in relation to third parties (e.g. people using the customer's webshop).

§4.5.2 Seller is solely responsible for the operation of the software solution, and hence only for any disruption caused by gross negligence by the seller. Seller's liability is limited in amount to a maximum of one subscription period of 3 months. Operational disturbance must last for more than 24 hours before the customer can claim compensation through deduction from the next rental payment.

§4.5.3 Using software functionality that is integrated with third-party solutions like e.g. online payment then the seller can not be held responsible for interruptions, delays and defects caused by third party.

§4.5.4 The Seller is not and cannot be held liable for the customer's operation loss, time loss, profit loss or other loss.

§4.6 Subscription Service Invoicing

§4.6.1 Invoicing of the base planning system is via quaterly pre-payment.

§4.6.2 When using the online payment module the customer will in addition to §4.6.1 be invoiced for the quarterly transaction costs.

§4.7 Termination & End of the subscription

§4.7.1 The customer may cancel their subscription in writing within 14 days prior to the next subscription period (quarter). For the online payment module 3 months' notice applies due to contract with a third party.

§4.7.2 The seller may without notice terminate the customer's subscription if the customer  a) breach these terms and conditions, b) fails to pay the subscription within due time, c) if the customer acts against the law, d) seriously breach ethics issues that cannot be accepted by the Seller or people in general.

§5. Refunds / cancellation of a purchase

§5.1 It is not possible to get a refund for a purchase of services / products, with the exception of benefits as described in § 5.2.

§5.2 When purchasing time- and location- based services such as courses we fully understand that plans may change. Therefore you have the option to cancel as long as you notify us at the latest 7 days before the start of a course. This does no apply to rental of software as described in §4.

§6. Limitation of Liability

§6.1 Claims against the seller may not exceed the amount invoiced for a service.

§7. Complaints about purchases of physical products (in our own webshop)

§7.1 The customer is obligated to immediately notify the seller if the customer believes a physical product is delivered with defects. If the customer does not inform the seller immediately, then the customer cannot make claims against the seller.

§7.2 The seller may choose between (1) to remedy the defect, (2) or provide an equivalent new product.  

§8. Legislative and legal disputes

§8.1 Any legal disputes are settled according to Danish law.

§8.2 The seller is committed to continuously updating our terms and conditions to comply with Danish law.

§9. Change of the Business & Trading Conditions

When making important changes to our business & trading conditions we will notice customers with a subscription according to §4 at least 1 month before the change takes effect.